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MIT students test low-cost wound-healing device in Haiti

From plug-and-play hospital tents to the water-disinfecting SteriPEN, physicians and aid workers have used a number of simple yet innovative technologies in treating earthquake survivors in Haiti.

Another such interesting tool, which I learned about today, is a $3 wound-therapy device designed to speed up the healing process.

The device was designed by MIT mechanical engineering students and originally scheduled to be field tested in Rwanda. But Partners in Health requested prototypes of the tool be brought to Haiti, according to a release.

MIT doctoral student Danielle Zurovcik demonstrates how the device is applied to wounds in the above video.

2 Responses to “ MIT students test low-cost wound-healing device in Haiti ”

  1. Hand Gel Geek Says:

    That is a staggeringly beautiful/simple/ingenious solution – I love it.

  2. Fiona Stephenson Says:

    Great invention – would love to know more please. what is the constant pressure exerted on the tissue? Many thanks!


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