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Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building to open on the Stanford campus


Stanford might be lovingly referred to as "The Farm," but it's also home to research facilities that are as beautiful as they are high-tech.

The newest installation: The Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building, which will be officially opened this Wednesday, is the largest dedicated stem cell research building in the country, measuring in at 200,000 square feet of floor space. Better yet for its 550 occupants, it was financed entirely with private funding, meaning the researchers it houses will be free from the "vagaries of embryonic stem cell politics." Krista Conger writes in Inside Stanford Medicine:

The entire facility represents an unprecedented commitment to the promise of all types of stem cell research - from stem cells derived from embryos to induced pluripotent stem cells (or iPS cells) derived from fetal or adult tissues to cancer stem cells that give rise to tumors and cause disease relapses. Stem cell researchers have long maintained that it is critical to continue to conduct research on all types of stem cells, which have the capacity to become many types of cells and tissues, in order to move the field forward more quickly. Bringing all of these researchers under one roof will enable easy collaboration and data sharing, and together they can benefit from the advanced equipment and technical support available in the core facilities.

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Photo by Mark Tuschman

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