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A comic look at twelve medical specialties

Reading Michelle Au, MD’s new (and, so far, hilarious) book This Won’t Hurt a Bit prompted me last night to check out her Scutmonkey comics and blog. I thought this one, which looks at twelve medical specialties, was particularly funny. An excerpt is above. And, for those of you in academic medicine, I also recommend checking out “The Life of an Attending (As Imagined by Residents)”.

Comic courtesy of Michelle Au, MD

3 Responses to “ A comic look at twelve medical specialties ”

  1. Alex Says:

    Yes! You are reading it too! So is Jeff!

  2. John Stafford Says:

    Alex, it’s really funny stuff! And thank YOU for reading this!

  3. Ken Says:

    The orthopedics comic strip is brilliant, especially since I am seeing an orthopedic surgeon now for a broken ankle.


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