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Live tweeting Stanford Summit @ Medicine 2.0 keynotes

The Stanford Summit @ Medicine 2.0 kicks off this morning with a keynote speech from Stanford physician and best-selling author Abraham Verhgese, MD.

Verhgese's talk will be followed by presentations from industry luminaries, from e-patients and bloggers to executives and industry insiders, about the development and use of technologies being built by academia and industry that will shape medicine in 2011 and beyond. The daylong event will end with a keynote speech from Dennis Boyle, co-founder and partner of IDEO.

We'll be live tweeting Boyle and Verhgese's keynotes. You can follow the tweets on the @SUMedicine feed or follow the hashtag #med2.

More news about the Medicine 2.0 conference at Stanford is available in the Medicine 2.0 category

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