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Lung cancer can affect anyone, but not everyone is listening

Lung cancer can affect anyone, but not everyone is listening

In preparation for Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November, my colleague Liat Kobza and I recently set up a camera and asked six Stanford physicians to share their thoughts about the disease.

We were shocked by what we heard: Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death (more than the top four cancer killers combined), and claims the lives of 1.3 million people each year.

What affected us most were not just the staggering numbers, but the fact that this disease gets so little attention.

Please help us share this message: Watch the video and pass it on.

6 Responses to “ Lung cancer can affect anyone, but not everyone is listening ”

  1. Michael Hilton Says:

    Excellent. I will forward this on to all my contacts.

  2. Michelle Yount Says:

    Thank you! I’ve posted this on my FB page. Thank you for choosing to work with lung cancer. Please all support research to find more treatments. Thank you!

  3. Rita Horiguchi Says:

    Thank you! FINALLY we are paying attention to lung cancer. My husband, the love of my life, died from it six weeks ago. Rest assured, I will be passing this video on via FB, Twitter, and email.

  4. Bev Walgrave Says:

    I am a 5 year lung cancer survivor. Thank you for your dedication! Thank you for helping lung cancer advocates spread the word.
    Yes! this cancer is a killer, but YES! YES! ~~ There is progress and hope!

  5. Lisa Bao Says:

    Thank you! I hope more people will pay attention to lung cancer so people can know it better and do things to prevent it or find it
    in early stage. Not like me, I did not have knowledge about lung cancer. It results in that I was in lung cancer stage 4 when first diagnosed it after I had coughed for one year. It’s been 6 months now. I hope more drugs will be available for advanced lung cancer patients.

  6. Sherri Oakley Says:

    Thank you, Doctors! Keep up the good work. As a friend of Jill Costello, the message I take away from this is that early detection can save lives, unfortunately, not Jill’s. I hope that her wish to “Beat cancer -BIG TIME!” keeps growing. Will post. We can only go up! :)


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