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Scope receives AAMC Award for Excellence

Exciting news: Scope has been selected by the Association of American Medical Colleges as the recipient of a 2012 Award for Excellence in the electronic communications/web-based category. In addition, Stanford Medicine magazine earned an Honorable Mention in the external audience/periodicals category, and the medical school's 1:2:1 podcast series nabbed an Honorable Mention in the electronic communications/rich media category.

The awards were designed to honor "the most creative and effective approaches used to promote academic medicine in the United States."

In assessing the entries, one judge wrote, "Scope... succeeds where many of us have tried and failed." Another called our design "killer." Hey, thanks! You're making us blush...

Previously: Scope wins a Web Health Award, Scope wins a 2010 Excellence in New Communications Award, Scope wins 2010 Health and Life Medical Blog Award and Scope named “Best New Medical Weblog” in the Medgadget Medical Weblog Awards

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