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Image of the Week: Body Oddities

This intriguing image of a torso as a cabinet-of-wonders is called "Body Oddities 2." The artwork is part of a series by Kelsey Niziolek. According to Niziolek's website, "she holds a special love in her (he)art for science, health, and medical related topics, however always keeps an open mind."

The artwork is annotated with facts about the body, including the following:

  • The body has about 60,000 miles of blood vessels
  • It is actually possible to die of a broken heart; cracks can develop in the heart as a result of depression
  • If all the bacteria from the intestines was squeezed out there would be enough to nearly fill an entire mug to the top

The full series, which includes two additional works, can be found in Niziolek's portfolio.

Via Street Anatomy

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