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Patients share clinical trial experiences at Stanford

Patients share clinical trial experiences at Stanford

A new video series produced by the Stanford Cancer Institute highlights three cancer patients and their motivation for participating in clinical trials. In this video, mother-of-three Louisa shares her story about being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 31. Following the recommendation of her physician, she enrolled in a cancer trial at Stanford and is now in remission. The experience inspired her to found a nonprofit called Triple Step Toward the Cure to provide support for women diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and to raise public awareness about the disease.

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  1. Debra H Says:

    In an effort to further educate your viewers, I would like to offer other suggestions for complete and balanced information about clinical trials participation including searches, process, protection, benefits and risks. Here are some helpful resources (websites and book):

    1)   (Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation) 
    This non-profit organization is focused on educating and informing the public about clinical research participation. CISCRP provides valuable information including how volunteers can protect themselves.

    CISCRP can help patients locate ongoing clinical trials by conducting a custom search for them with  

    2) The Gift of Participation: A Guide to Making Informed Decisions About Volunteering for a Clinical Trial  (author: Kenneth Getz) – available on the CISCRP website. 

    3) And for specific trial listings and news about Clinical Trials, your readers should go to the website:  There, they can search for clinical trials in their area or around the world, and they will find listings of clinical trials organized by medical condition, therapeutic area and location.

    My goal is to help people feel empowered and protected as they participate in the Clinical Trials process. I hope you find these suggestions helpful.


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