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Stanford microscope inventor featured on TED Talk

Stanford microscope inventor featured on TED Talk

Earlier today I wrote about the 50-cent paper microscope developed by Stanford bioengineering professor Manu Prakash, PhD. You can now watch a video of him building and demonstrating the microscope on This TED “Talk of Week” has already been viewed almost 300,000 times.

Prakash, who grew up in the mega-cities of India without a refrigerator, is a leader in the frugal design movement. His lab is currently developing a number of global health solutions, leveraging the cost savings of emerging manufacturing techniques such as 3D printers, laser cutters and conductive ink printing.

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5 Responses to “ Stanford microscope inventor featured on TED Talk ”

  1. AWC Biology Class Says:

    Awesome! We are excited for your invention and hope we can buy some for our class sometime. Want some field tests on the Mexican border? We’re ready!

  2. Bethany Finch Says:

    I work with a homeschool cooperative in Washington state and we are ecstatic about the possibility to finally be able to afford microscopes for our classes and students. Who do we contact and how can we get in line for this fantastic product??

  3. Pat McNeill Says:

    I would like to help involve college biology students in developing protocols.

  4. Linda Laueeano, RN Says:

    I could use it to check if patients have scabies . Or if I were visiting remote monasteries in the Himalayas where they have outbreaks , I’d definitely. pack it . For myself I’d. use it on nature walks. GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT for mankind. , congratulations.

  5. muthuppandy Says:

    It is very useful page. Thank you.
    Thanmil Nadu,


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