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Finding relief from lower back pain

lower back painIf you thought a pain in the neck was inconvenient, try on chronic lower back pain for size. (Just kidding – both sound uncomfortable.) In a recent article, Prevention magazine suggests easily administered treatments for the latter kind of pain. Tips include paying attention to your body by noticing if you pronate your feet, taking action by attending yoga classes, and winding down with massage or acupuncture sessions.

Recognizing that back pain’s sometimes intractable nature can cause stress in other forms, the piece continues:

No, the pain isn’t in your head. But what is in your head could be making it worse. “Fear, anxiety, and catastrophizing can amplify pain,” says [Stanford anesthesiologist Sean Mackey, MD, PhD]. “People often get swept up in thoughts like This will never get better.” Because brain circuits that process pain overlap dramatically with circuits involved with emotions, panic can translate into actual pain. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you recognize and reframe negative thoughts. Deep breathing can help, too, as can simply shining a light on dark thoughts. “Start by accepting that you have pain,” Mackey says. “Then say to yourself, It will get better.”

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4 Responses to “ Finding relief from lower back pain ”

  1. Iain Barker Says:

    Having suffered years of back pain I now live pain free. It is essential to take charge of your own well being. Think positive! Iain Barker -backpainliberation

  2. Sachin Says:

    Lately even I have been suffering from lower back pain due to playing badminton.Few days back have started doing some yoga related to lower back issues which has helped me to over come the pain plus made me mentally strong to.

  3. Charlotte Brown Says:

    I was suffering from from lower back pain last two years. I could not bend at all as my back had become very stiff. After massage therapy sessions and treatment, now I am free from pain and I can bend more flexibly now.

  4. David Anderson Says:

    Even I’m facing lower back pain issues couple of years ago. But after attending YOGA classes and do some early morning yoga’s my lower back pain are slowly coming to down. Now I’m really happy to release from my lower back pain. I suggest to all back pain patients to do some exercise or yoga to release from your back pain and as well as to maintain your good health.


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