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Scope is an award-winning medical blog produced by a team of writers at Stanford University School of Medicine. We hope to provide you with high quality, engaging coverage of scientific and medical developments around the world.

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Scope is published by the Office of Communication & Public Affairs at the School of Medicine. We also publish Stanford Medicine magazine and Inside Stanford Medicine; produce a podcast called 1:2:1, and manage a Twitter feed, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and an Instagram page.

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Our goal is to provide you with an informative, constructive, and entertaining blog, and we hope you enjoy Scope enough to comment on our posts from time to time. We particularly welcome updated information on the subject of the post, opinions that advance a debate on the subject of the post, and factual corrections.

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Lastly, the entries on Scope are meant to offer medical information, not medical advice. They are not a basis for any action or inaction, and they’re also not meant to replace the evaluation and determination of your doctor, who will address your specific medical needs and can make a diagnosis and give you the appropriate care.

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