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Medpedia goes public

Following in the tradition of Google Blog Search (beta), Gmail (beta), and Google Scholar (beta), Medpedia is now available as a public beta. Modeled on Wikipedia, Medpedia aims to be an authoritative encyclopedia about health, medicine, and the body. Medpedia diverges from Wikipedia, however, by restricting authorship to physicians and researchers writing about their specific disciplines.

From the Medpedia press release:

The Medpedia collaborative knowledge base provides medical professionals and organizations a central place to record their knowledge and receive national and international recognition and visibility for their expertise. Since the announcement of The Medpedia Project in July 2008, over 110 organizations have contributed or pledged over 7,000 pages of content to the knowledge base, and thousands of people have become a part of the community.

Stanford's medical school is part of a consortium of academic medical centers and global health organizations contributing to Medpedia.

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