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Stimulating science

Federal stimulus funds are beginning to be distributed, and among the initial awards from the National Institutes of Health are 18 projects at Stanford, ranging from $500,000 to purchase two photon microscopes to $1.6 million for an effort to gather data from the National Library of Medicine that will help doctors to track disesase development in real time.

While a recent piece on the radio show "Marketplace" questioned the stimulus effect of funding biomedical research, the grants to Stanford either create or retain positions for a few dozen scientists. And the work they do has the potential to lead to the creation of new businesses, not to mention improving human health.

For a more detailed accounting of the NIH stimulus awards to Stanford, please check out the story by my colleague Ruthann Richter.

Also, to see how the potential for new NIH funding has elicited a tsunami of responses, you might want to read this piece that I wrote at the end of May.

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