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Science: The musical

Today at Wired Science, Aaron Rowe brings us the Top 10 Scientific Music Videos. The topics range from the human heart to the Large Hadron Collider, but the number one spot goes to a personal favorite of mine, The PCR Song.

However, Rowe doesn't mention the granddaddy of all these videos, a trippy 1971 "epic on the cellular level," directed by Robert Alan Weiss for the Stanford chemistry department and narrated by eventual Nobel Prize winner Paul Berg, PhD. It's quite possibly the most enthusiastic reenactment of protein synthesis around:

Flash forward almost four decades, and instructors on the main campus are still communicating science with music. Take Tom McFadden, a human biology course instructor who was featured in the San Jose Mercury News in April:

McFadden has more videos on his YouTube channel, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any music videos from School of Medicine faculty. I bet we have some lyrically-minded instructors out there, though. If my college anatomy class is any indication, rap is a favorite tool of professors trying to cram a few more details on lab safety or the digestive system into their students' heads. So, let's hear it: Do any instructors (or students) out there have a favorite science tune?

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