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Stephen Quake has decoded his own genome


Stanford bioengineering professor Stephen Quake has decoded his own genome for only $50,000. By comparison, the most recently sequenced human genome cost $250,000 to decode.

This is an exciting development. Quake points to the long-term potential for his technology in an article in today's New York Times:

"There are four commercial technologies, nothing is static and all the platforms are improving by a factor of two each year," he said. "We are about to see the floodgates opened and many human genomes sequenced."

He said the much-discussed goal of the $1,000 genome could be attained in two or three years. That is the cost, experts have long predicted, at which genome sequencing could start to become a routine part of medical practice.

Quake has made his genome available to researchers worldwide. His work is also discussed in this Inside Stanford Medicine story.

Photo by Dollar Bin.

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