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Ancient mummy meets modern medicine (and daddy, too) at Legion of Honor


State-of-the-art radiological scans of 2,500-year-old mummy on display at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco have yielded an amazing, high-resolution tour through the mummy's body, which visitors can view on a wall monitor in the exhibit. (The mummy's there, too.)

Data from the scans, conducted on Aug. 20 by Stanford physicist Rebecca Fahrig, PhD, have been converted into crisp, electronically portable three-dimensional images of bones, internal organs, and various "prescriptive amulets" positioned on the mummy's body (in ancient Egypt, apparently, it's never too late to attempt a cure).

A reconstruction of the mummy's head based on an extremely accurate reproduction of the skull sits in the exhibition room side by side with the head of the mummy's daddy, who is spending his eternal life in another museum in Tacoma.

The museum has also posted a behind-the-scenes photo set on Flickr.

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