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Swine flu panic hits Germany

ludwigmask.jpgWhen I was visiting family in Germany last month, no one seemed to be concerned about swine flu, no one wanted a vaccine and they all thought I was nuts for even bringing it up. But, ha! Now the Germans are coveting our American swine flu vaccines.

An article in the German weekly Der Spiegel describes the attitude change.

As the number of reported deaths rises, Germans are clamoring for vaccines, yet the supply is insufficient. On top of this, many physicians there refuse to vaccinate patients. Some of them say the danger of swine flu is overhyped. And some are wary of Germany's new, relatively untested Pandemrix swine flu vaccine. Unlike the vaccine being used in the United States, Pandemrix contains a new adjuvant, AS03.

Adding to the furor, no doubt, are the public's roused suspicions after last month's news that while the German government had ordered Pandemrix for the people, it had ordered a U.S. vaccine, with no adjuvant and reportedly fewer side effects, for government officials and the military.

Above: This statue in Oldenburg, Germany, of Grand Duke Peter Friedrichs Ludwig has been given a surgical mask

Photo by hellobo

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