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Webcast explores impact of health reform on women of color

The Kaiser Family Foundation is hosting a live webcast this morning on what health-care reform may mean to women of color. From its Web site:

Women... tend to take the lead when it comes to obtaining health care for their family members. Provisions such as those that would preclude insurance companies from gender rating, remove barriers to care for pre-existing conditions, and improve access to preventive services will be discussed.

The conversation will also address how provisions in the bills impact women of color, who face additional health and access challenges with even higher rates of many diseases, decreased access to the health care system, and given income differences, fewer resources available to pay for health care.

A link to the webcast, which begins at 1 p.m. ET and features three experts in women's health, will be posted here 30 minutes before the presentation. An archived transcript and podcast will be available later today.

Via Our Bodies, Our Blog

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