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Dr. Nancy


Every consumer of health care should wish they had a Dr. Nancy Snyderman in their life. The Indiana native combines a no-nonsense Midwestern sensibility with a great sense of empathy and openess. Who wouldn't want those qualties in their own doctor? As health editor for NBC News, she's seen on TODAY, the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams along with hosting a daily one-hour show on MSNBC called Dr. Nancy.

In my most recent 1:2:1 podcast, I spoke with Nancy about the big story in Washington right now, the gathering storm of health care reform, and then we moved to the very personal, her early battle with depression. Snyderman's incredibly down to earth and straightforward and that's what makes her an excellent journalist and I have to believe, a wonderful physician. She's also written a great book, Medical Myths that Can Kill You, that every smart consumer of health care (and, hopefully, that's all of us) should read.

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