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Study shows men may be more resistant to mouth wrinkles

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Sorry, ladies. When it comes to preventing laugh lines, crinkles in the upper lip, or a sagging jawline, we may be genetically handicapped, according to findings reported in the current issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

In the study, researchers studied the skin around the upper lip and the reconstructions of those areas in male and female cadavers. HealthDay reports that researchers found:

Several key differences between men and women emerged: women had fewer sweat glands around the mouth than men; women had fewer blood vessels so less blood flow to that region; the muscles around the mouth are closer to the skin than in men, which may pull the skin in tighter, causing wrinkles; and, although the number of hair follicles were about the same in both genders, men had more sweat glands per hair follicle, again contributing to more relaxed skin throughout aging.

Dermatologists told HealthDay that sun protection, moisturizing and abstaining from smoking were effective ways for women to prevent wrinkles. But before you rush off to buy new skin cream, spend some time checking out the dermatology links on the Stanford Health Library.

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