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Sir Mix-a-Lot called upon to describe findings of obesity study

It's not always easy to write about scientific research and medical findings in super fun, creative ways - which is why clever headlines and catchy leads in medical stories usually make me look twice. And sometimes even giggle. Last night, when I came across NPR's online coverage of a new obesity study, I did both. Under the headline, "Baby Got Back, and a Healthier Heart," Shots blogger Nadja Popovich wrote:

Rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot didn't know how right he had it when he voiced his love for, um, robust derrieres back in 1992.

It appears that "increased gluteofemoral fat mass"--science speak for "big butt and thighs"--may be healthy, concludes a review of the scientific literature just published by the International Journal of Obesity.

Popovich went on to describe results of the study, which were widely reported on today, but it didn't much matter to me. I was too transfixed by her first line, too impressed that she was able to work in a reference to one of my all-time favorite guilty-pleasure songs (a song with lyrics like, "But Fonda ain't got a motor in the back of her Honda.") The only downside? I can't get "Baby Got Back" out of my head.

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