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Stanford sends medical team to Haiti

Haiti Destruction.jpg

A team of emergency medicine physicians and nurses from Stanford departed for Haiti early this morning to aid with relief efforts.

The medical team will spend three weeks in Haiti providing assistance to earthquake survivors. Members include Paul Auerbach, MD; Anil Menon, MD; and Robert Norris, MD.

The medical team was assembled at the request of global humanitarian nonprofit International Medical Corp., which previously partnered with Stanford on a medical aid mission to Northern Iraq.

In preparation for the trip, Stanford Hospital donated nearly $20,000 in medical equipment and supplies. The team is transporting the equipment and supplies along with their own food and water.

Team members will fly to Puerto Rico and then board a charter flight to Port-au-Prince. Once in the Haitian capital, they will travel to a medical field tent at a currently unknown location.

KGO-TV reports:

Auerbach says from the images he has seen on TV, he expects to treat traumatic injuries from the earthquake, diseases due to lack of clean water, as well as patients who have chronic illnesses, but lost medical care.

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Photo by United Nations Development Programme

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