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Study: Sex may be helpful in reducing heart-disease risk

In the off-chance that you need an excuse to get amorous, look no further than results of a new study in the American Journal of Cardiology. Researchers at the New England Research Institutes found a link between frequency of sexual activity and heart-disease risk among men. From WebMD:

The study included 1,165 men (average age in the 50s) without any history of cardiovascular disease (such as heart disease, stroke, peripheral arterial disease) at the start of the study. Of the participants, 213 had [erectile dysfunction] at the start of the study. The men were followed for 16 years, on average.

The researchers found that there was an increasing risk of cardiovascular disease with decreasing frequency of reported sexual activity. Compared to men who reported sexual activity at least 2-3 times a week, men with sexual activity of once per month or less had a 45% increased risk of cardiovascular disease during the study period. The findings took into account factors such as age and ED status.

Why might sexual health be important to heart health? Lead researcher Susan Hall, PhD, theorizes:

..."Men who are sexually active likely have libido and the capacity for physical activity. So the ability to have sex might be a marker for overall health."

Hall also says that "men who are having regular [sexual] activity might be more likely to be in a supportive intimate relationship with a regular partner; this might improve health through stress reduction and social support."

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