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Grand Roundup: Top posts for the week of Feb. 1

This week on Scope we discussed the risk of adults forgoing routine vaccines,, Stanford's medical team returning from Haiti, and the question about the proper sodium intake. But the five most-read posts on Scope this week were:

What's the deal with vitamin D? Stanford endocrinologist David Feldman, MD, discusses emerging vitamin D research and the debate over how much of the nutrient to consume daily.

It's over: No MMR vaccine-autism connection
: A look at the now-debunked theory linking the MMR vaccine and autism, including a decision by The Lancet to retract the 1998 paper that sparked those fears in the first place.

"Baby brain" no more: Study says pregnancy not linked to memory problems
: Australian researchers studied the memories of 1,241 young women before and after childbirth and concluded that pregnancy did not appear to have any impact on memory.

NIH funding up 3 percent in President's budget: President Obama stayed true to his word about the need for a continued investment in innovation and research and included a 3.2 percent, $1 billion increase for the National Institutes of Health in his FY 2011 budget.

The not-so-immortal life of tissue banks: An ethical discussion about using human cells harvested from leftover blood samples for biomedicine research.

The Grand Roundup will return each Saturday to recap Scope's most popular stories.

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