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Studying ways to combat mental decline in aging

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The NIH recently announced that the Research Partnership in Cognitive Aging, a collaboration between the National Institute on Aging and the McKnight Brain Research Foundation, is putting $28 million towards the study of age-related cognitive decline. A total of 17 projects will be funded - several of which focus on non-pharmaceutical ways to prevent those so-called senior moments.

One project that jumped out at me as particularly interesting is a randomized clinical trial that will look at whether omega-3 fatty acids and blueberry supplements can improve memory and daily functioning. And Stanford's Victor Henderson, MD, PhD, is launching a study that compares the potential memory-boosting benefits of tai chi, a Chinese martial arts form that is fairly popular among older adults; guided autobiography writing; and seminars focused on healthy aging. (Henderson is looking for people age 70 and older to participate in the study; those who are interested can e-mail ace-seniors [at] stanford [dot] edu.)

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