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Special court says no link between autism and vaccines

A federal "vaccines court" constitituted to hear legal challenges filed by more than 5,300 parents who claimed that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (commonly known as the MMR vaccine) caused autism in children rejected the link in three important test cases today.

The Los Angeles Times reported that "the cases that three judges, called special masters, choose to rule on as test cases were considered the strongest, so the outlook appears grim for others making the claim." Read the decisons.

While this ruling adds to the overwhelming evidence against the causal link between vaccines and autism, extensive damage has been done already. A recent survey says that one in four parents believe that vaccines do cause autism.

Maybe now, with this latest rejection of the link, the Larry Kings of the world - who give Hollywood celebrities access to the airwaves to promote false notions about medicine - will reconsider promulgating faulty science.

The evidence is overhwhelming. Vaccines do not cause autism. Maybe now we can get on to what actually does cause autism. One person who's doing just that is Stanford biomedical researcher, Ricardo Dolmetsch, PhD. He's the father of an autistic child and his lab is working on finding the underlying causes of autism. If you want to know more about his work, I hope you'll listen to my 1:2:1 podcast.

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