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Nutrition expert praises First Lady's anti-obesity campaign

In today's San Francisco Chronicle, nutrition and public policy expert Marion Nestle, PhD, a New York University professor, gives kudos to First Lady Michelle Obama for her "Let's Move" campaign against childhood obesity. Nestle writes:

This campaign reveals real leadership on a desperately important issue. Obama brings diverse groups to this table. She presses government agencies to take action. She exacts promises from Congress to make it easier for kids to eat low-cost meals in schools. She got her husband to create a task force to tackle ways to prevent childhood obesity.

In addition, she is asking professional and business groups to do more to help kids eat better...

Nestle also discusses how getting kids to eat less ("often a lot less") of processed foods is key to a successful anti-obesity campaign:

What would be better for preventing childhood obesity would be to make eating real foods the default. These, as defined by Oakland's Prevention Institute, are relatively unprocessed foods that contain nothing artificial. And they are produced in ways that are good for farmworkers, farm animals and the environment, and are available and affordable to all.

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