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FDA warns spas about fat-busting claims

I'm getting married in a year and, like any smart groom, I know that I can't let myself go until after the wedding. So I've been trying to lose a little weight: jogging, power lifting, circuit training, marathon running, and just about anything I've seen on TV - you name it, I'm doing it. Anything to shed those extra LBs.

But one thing I won't be trying out is a procedure called lipodissolve: As has been widely reported today, the Food and Drug Administration has warned six medical spas that they have been making false and misleading claims about the benefits of the procedure.

According to the FDA's release, the procedure is sold as an alternative to liposuction and involves a series of drug injections purported to dissolve fat. The unfortunate downside is that lipodissolve has not actually been proven to work and may result in permanent scarring, skin deformation, and deep, painful knots under the skin.

If you've tried the procedure and experienced side effects, the FDA wants to know about it. You can report the effects here. As for me, the only thing I plan to do at a spa is sit in a steam room and hope the fat melts away.

Via NPR Shots

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