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Americans seeking answers to health-reform questions

Three weeks after health-reform legislation became law, Americans are wondering what's in it for them - and they're turning to a variety of sources for answers. As Kaiser Health News reported today, AARP, Families USA and the White House are among the organizations addressing FAQs on their Web sites; and the Department of Health and Human Services has been fielding questions for its weekly Web chats.

What are people most curious about? According to KHN:

No matter which source they turn to, consumers are asking about every element of the bill. People who don’t have health care coverage want to know how they can enroll in the high-risk pools that are scheduled to be up and running within 90 days. Parents want specifics on how they can keep their adult child on their health insurance plan. Small business owners are asking how they can get the tax credits to help them afford coverage.

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