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Your genome, on sale today!

Sale.JPGWell, it's not really your whole genome, but local biotech company 23andMe is having a today-only fire sale on their complete genetic testing package: from an original price of $499 to just $99. Apparently the offer is meant to honor National DNA Day, celebrated today in schools across the country.

The "Complete" package offers information on both your ancestry and your disease risk by analyzing which of more than 500,000 genetic variants (in the form of single nucleotide changes called SNPs) you harbor in your DNA. The company has a detailed website and explanation of how it works, so check it out if you're at all interested.

You have one year from the date of purchase to send them your spit-filled tube for analysis, but if you want the special price you've got to pay for it today. You can purchase them as gifts, too (Mother's Day is just around the corner), but you're limited to 10 tests at the special price.

Via Technology Review
Photo by the justified sinner

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