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Pokemon-style game created to teach medical students about infection


Two physicians, who founded a gaming company that hopes to harness geek culture for medical education, have recently created a Pokemon-style game that teaches medical students about infectious diseases. The game is called "The Healing Blade" and, according to American Medical News, it is:

A table-top card battle game. . . built around a fantasy world, complete with sorcerers, villains and heroines that the two doctors created. Characters are divided into The Apothecary Healers, named after real-world antibiotics, and The Lords of Pestilence, named after actual bacterial agents.

I haven't done a deep dive into the game, but I do find myself wondering if MRSA will be "The Healing Blade's" Mewtwo card.

Photo by Nancy Wombat
Via Health Blog
And thanks to Chris for the background on Pokemon.

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