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Grand Roundup: Top posts for the week of April 25

The five most-read posts on Scope this week were:

Pokemon-style game created to teach medical students about infection: Two physicians, who founded a gaming company that hopes to harness geek culture for medical education, have created a Pokemon-style game that teaches medical students about infectious diseases.

Chocolate: not the feel-good food we thought?: A Stanford psychiatrist discusses recent findings that chocolate consumption could be linked to depression a study that found people who are depressed eat more chocolate than people who aren’t.

Australia enacts world's first ban on branded cigarette packaging: The Australian Health Minister announced this week that the country is banning advertising on cigarette packaging, in an effort to "reduce the attractiveness and potential of packaging to mislead the public."

Ethiopia to benefit from low-tech cervical cancer screening: Stanford partners with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and the Boston-based nonprofit Pathfinder International to increase access to cervical cancer prevention services among women in Ethiopia.

Vaccine treatment may soon be used for prostate cancer: This week the FDA considered approving a novel vaccine treatment for prostate cancer, which was developed in the early '90s by a Stanford pathologist. The treatment was approved on Thursday.

The Grand Roundup is posted every Saturday.

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