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An iPhone app for preventing, diagnosing Lyme disease


Just in time for hiking season, researchers at Yale University have released a new iPhone application that offers tips on how to protect yourself against Lyme disease and what to do if you discover a tick hitched a ride home on your body.

The $1.99 app (link to App Store) uses GPS to determine the population of infected ticks at your hiking location, a list of precautions to avoid tick-bites, a tick identification chart with life-size photos and an instructional video on how to properly remove a tick.

Content for the application was provided by Lyme disease researchers at Yale in cooperation with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the American Lyme Disease Foundation, and Intuwin, a New York-based applications development company. Proceeds from app sales will support the American Lyme Disease Foundation, according to a release.

Via Spoonful of Medicine
Photo by jkirkhart35

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