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"Snack" offerings in restaurants may be on the rise


After a long day wandering around San Francisco, I often jokingly suggest to friends that we drop into a restaurant to order "snack pizza" as a mid-day bite (okay, I'll admit I'm usually just half joking). Now it turns out, according to Booster Shots, that my mid-day, high-calorie predilections might actually amount to some kind of market insight:

According to a report released Wednesday by Mintel Menu Insights, the number of menu items with some version of "snack" in the name has nearly tripled since 2007. And Mintel market researchers expect it to keep on growing.

The snacks mentioned have enough calories to constitute an actual meal:

. . .Same goes for a plate of Sweet Corn Tamale Ravioli at California Pizza Kitchen. Though the restaurant dubs it a "small craving," it’s big enough to set you back 436 calories.

The entry also mentions a 330-calorie snack wrap from McDonald's (pictured above). These "indulgent" or salty foods are, according to the survey, very popular with snackers.

Photo by rick

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