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Thanks, mom: A biologist's Mother's Day song

Adam Cole's sweet, folky tune has lyrics that biologists and moms (and especially biologists who are moms) will find irresistible, even though it's a little late for Mother's Day now.

I came across Cole's video yesterday on a biologist/mom friend's Facebook page and tracked down the singer, a Stanford biology student, who posted his performance on YouTube May 8.

Cole whimsically makes the point that inheritance isn't really an exactly 50/50 deal. Moms give a little bit more.

In his words:

Just like two strands of DNA are spirally entwined
Your nature and your nurture are inspiringly combined
Scientists remind me and I find that it is true
Slightly more than half of everything I am is thanks to you

And here's a bonus for science celebrity spotters: That bushy-bearded man who pops in toward the end with a few seconds of a lecture on inheritance is Stanford biology professor Robert Sapolsky, PhD.

Cole says his mom loved the song (though she loved the macaroni necklace he made her in kindergarten too), and his dad, who's also a biologist, was very understanding: "He knows that my love for him is not proportional to the biological effect he had on my genetics and development."

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