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Should you follow your psychiatrist on Twitter?

University of Chicago psychiatrist Robert Husing, MD, has crafted an insightful policy to help people decide whether or not to follow him on Twitter. He correctly warns that even the mere act of following erodes the follower's privacy, and he outlines some worst-case scenarios that might result:

If you followed me, we'd be connected and you'd automatically get my tweets. Also, anyone could see you were following me. Others interested in Psycho-Babble might read your tweets (including replies to me, but not direct messages to me) and try to connect or network with you.

However, that includes University of Chicago faculty and staff, your friends and family, your present and future employers, and even the police.

Any of them might infer that you have mental health issues. They might tell others, too. That might lead to prejudice against you.

Hsuing also has similar guidance for his Facebook profile.

Via @DrVes

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