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Stanford library offers health resources to community

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Today's San Francisco Chronicle profiles the Stanford Health Library, a large collection of free medical/health resources referred to as "the finest community health library west of the Rockies." The aim of the library, which opened in 1989 as a community-outreach project for Stanford Hospital, is to provide (both in person and online) accurate, scientifically based medical information and help people make informed health decisions.

From the piece:

Those who come to the library have often just learned that they or a loved one have a medical problem. The ailments may range from common to rare, but the majority of the questions concern chronic diseases related to aging, said head librarian Nancy Dickenson.

Searching the Internet can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to gauge the accuracy of content. Therefore, having someone to help find specific information can be invaluable...

Photo by Dawn Endico

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