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A call to repeal Massachusetts' physician-gift ban

Have you been following the news about Massachusetts' physician-gift ban? Last summer, a law went into effect that prohibited companies from giving doctors freebies - both big (like tropical vacations) and small (like pens and mugs). Now, a group of legislators is trying to repeal the ban, saying it's "doing more harm than good" for the economy:

Since the ban was passed in 2008, some medical groups have threatened to bypass Boston for future conventions, while others have complained it has made Massachusetts appear hostile to the biotech and medical-device industry in general.

Some physicians also worry that the rules could perhaps insult companies and stifle invention. "I've been in medicine 40 years, and medicine is incomparably better than when I started out," Harvard physician Thomas Stossel, MD, told the Boston Globe last year. "I don’t think anyone can challenge the fact that it's because of the tools we've gotten from industry."

Boston Herald writer Jay Fitzgerald notes that the latest proposal "faces an uphill battle" in the Senate, which houses strong supporters of the ban. But it's worth noting that the issue continues to divide people.

Via Health Blog

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