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A look at three iOS medical app developers


American Medical News has profiled three iOS medical app developers today. (Apple's iOS is the operating system that runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.) The stories are all fairly interesting, but I'm most struck by this neurosurgeon-turned-app-developer who has produced three apps for iOS:

Once the iPhone was launched, Dr. Kubben saw great potential in its ability to provide a robust, inexpensive way for physicians to carry a variety of functionalities from multiple applications all in one device.

He has three apps: NeuroMind, SLIC and Safe Surgery, all offered free. NeuroMind, for students and residents, contains anatomical images, differential diagnosis, scoring systems and a text version of the WHO Safe Surgery checklist. SLIC is a clinical decision support system on the grading and surgical treatment of lower cervical spine injury. Safe Surgery focuses solely on the WHO Safe Surgery Checklist. All the apps are free.

Pieter Kubben's are all available (link to iTunes) in the App Store.

Photo by Aurelijus Valeia

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