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UCI medical students will also receive iPads


It seems Stanford medical and Master of Medicine students won't be the only ones receiving shiny new iPads this year. First-year medical students at the University of California, Irvine will be provided with a 16 GB 3G iPad.

As part of its iMedEd Initiative, the medical school has developed an iPad-based curriculum. Each device will be loaded with outlines, handouts, digital textbooks, podcasts and videos for the first year of course work. Technological advances such as digital stethoscopes and handheld ultrasound units are currently being configured, according to a release:

A second technological advance being incorporated into the curriculum on a pilot basis is the digital stethoscope, about a dozen of which are available for the incoming class. With applications on the iPad, students will be able to listen to a patient’s heart while simultaneously recording its tones and then compare them to a library of more than 3,000 heart sounds characteristic of specific conditions to gain a better understanding of cardiac physiology and pathology...

... Eventually students will be able to use their iPads to peruse video tutorials as they perform bedside ultrasounds and preserve a patient’s ultrasound for later review and consultation with supervising faculty members.

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Photo by: Matt Buchanan

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