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Americans remain confused over new health law

Three recent polls show that many Americans are unsure of what exactly will happen under the new health law. USA Today reports:

Six weeks before the nation's health care delivery system begins a huge transformation, confusion reigns. For example: The debunked idea raised by opponents during congressional debate that 'death panels' could make end-of-life decisions is seen as real by nearly half of those surveyed.

. . ."The level of ignorance and misinformation is sort of astounding," says Humphrey Taylor, chairman of the Harris Poll. "It seems people are still reacting to the rhetoric, not the substance of what is in the bill, because they don't actually know what is or is not in the actual legislation."

Some advocacy organizations, such as AARP, have launched (much-needed) educational campaigns. And for any readers with questions about the law, the Kaiser Family Foundation has an amazing amount of resources, including this summary (link to .pdf), on its website.

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