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Does TV watching, or prolonged sitting, contribute to child obesity rates?


Past studies have suggested that children's TV habits can adversely affect their nutrition and weight. Moreover, research has show that the hours teens spend in front of the TV can lead to poor diet choices later in life.

But are these health risks a result of watching TV or of inactivity while gazing at the screen? This question and research on how sedentary behavior physically affect the body was explored in a blog post today on Obesity Panacea. Travis Saunders writes:

Although it's impact on food intake is very important, TV wathching (like all forms of sedentary behaviour) is also likely to result in rapid changes in skeletal muscle function, causing dramatic increases in metabolic risk, even for lean or otherwise physically active individuals. The good news? Animal research suggests that simply walking at a leisurely pace may be enough to rapidly return these metabolic risk factors to normal levels.

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