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Wired launches a science blog network

With so many new networks cropping up of late, it's an exciting time for science blogging. The latest entrant is Wired Science, which just announced a network building on its eponymous science blog:

The new Wired Science Blogs network will complement our news stories with more insight, opinion and geeky science details brought to you by people who are extremely knowledgeable and deeply embedded in their fields of interest, which range from infectious diseases to physics.

In the announcement, writer Betsy Mason gives a nod to the growing number of science blog networks:

In recent weeks, several science blogging networks have sprung up, including PLoS blogs, LabSpaces and Science 3.0, and we plan to be an active and collaborative member of the broader science blogging community.

Three Wired blogs may be of particular interest to Scope readers: Superbug, which examines infectious disease; Neuron Culture, which covers neuroscience; and Frontal Cortex, which looks at the brain and behavior. I look forward to reading these exciting looking blogs.

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