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A patient perspective on social media

Writing in the context of the Mayo Clinic's new social media center, Scott Johnson, who has Type 1 diabetes, offers an insightful patient perspective on the value of social media:

. . . I am often the only person around who needs to do complicated mathematical equations before eating anything, before going anywhere, before mowing my lawn, shoveling snow, taking a walk, or before going to sleep at night. Diabetes is always on my mind, whether I like it or not. In my everyday life, I am alone. Even with my closest family and friends by my side.

Social media gives me access to a world of people living with type 1 diabetes, just like me. Any hour of the day or night I can tune in to discussions on twitter or Facebook, I can read thousands of blog posts written by people from all walks of life, all living with type 1 diabetes, and I can find YouTube videos that make me laugh and cry. I can find connections. I can find people who understand exactly what I'm going through. These people and their stories become an emotional lifeline. Suddenly I don't feel so alone or isolated. In fact I often feel inspired and empowered by what I've seen.

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Via Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media

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