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Mercury News highlights sophistication of med school's learning center

San Jose Mercury News reporter Lisa Krieger was one of numerous reporters to attend yesterday's dedication of Stanford's new medical education building. In an article today, she discusses the advanced technology in the building's simulation center:

The center's $60,000-$90,000 dummies are so sophisticated that they can be programmed to discharge too little urine, or too much. They may tremor, sweat or bleed. Monitors may show they're suffering from diseases including pulmonary edema and hypertension.

The new center is also one of the very few in the world that brings together many different types of simulation -- using not just computerized dummies, but also avatars and real actors.

"It doesn't matter how smart you are, stress triggers an emotional response," said [engineer Kam McCowan]. "We want to inoculate doctors from stress, through practice, and give them the skills to handle it."

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