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Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Gov. Schwarzenegger urge Californians to be organ donors


At the ceremonial signing of Senate Bill 1395, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Apple CEO Steve Jobs spoke about how the legislation will increase organ donation in the state and encouraged Californians to become organ donors.

In brief remarks, Jobs, who received a liver transplant in 2009, said:

This new law will save thousands of lives in California each year. It's good for everyone. The donor's family knows their loved one is making it possible for others to live. Talented surgeons can save the lives they've trained to save. Recipients are given the gift of an extended life...As a transplant recipient, I know how precious this gift of life is.

Schwarzenegger thanked Jobs for spearheading the effort to revamp the state's organ donor laws, explained how the bill will take a proactive approach to increasing the number of organ donors in the state and urged more people to give the gift of life. He said:

[The bill will] Help simplify the process for potential donors. Instead of being voluntary, this bill will require a DMV applicant to choose whether you're in or you're not - you have to choose one or the other.

...It is up to each individual to take action on this, I urge all Californians to participate on this. I want to urge all Californians to seize this incredible opportunity - you can become an organ donor today.

In addition to making it easier for Californians to affirm their organ donor status, the legislation also creates the nation's first living donor registry for kidney transplants - the California Living Donor Registry - to better connect those who want to donate with those in need of a transplant.

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Photo by John B. Stafford

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