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Mobile app being developed to help people with autism

A few months ago, my colleague wrote about the use of touch technologies, such as smartphones and the iPad, to help teach autistic children. Now, education researchers at University of Georgia have been given a $1.2-million federal grant to develop a mobile phone application for people with autism and developmental disabilities.

In a release, one of the researchers said the app, called iSkills, "might be thought of as a handheld video cookbook for everyday tasks:"

iSkills will be designed to assist with direct instruction, and more importantly, self-instruction in such important areas as independent living, employment, leisure safety, community involvement and community navigation. This application will allow individuals to have greater freedom to pursue their own educational interests and independently seek assistance with those skills or situations that are important to them...

The project, which includes developing, testing and refining the application, and involves patients, parents and teachers, is scheduled to take three years.

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Via Strollerderby

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