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New NIH Images database: images from biomedical literature

The National Institutes of Health has just announced the launch of Images, a database of more than 2.5 million biomedical images culled from PubMed Central's digital archive of medical and life-sciences journals.

Here's more from the NIH press release:

Images is expected to have a wide range of uses for a variety of user groups. These include the clinician looking for the visual representation of a disease or condition, the researcher searching for studies with certain types of analyses, the student seeking diagrams that elucidate complex processes such as DNA replication, the professional or educator looking for an image for a presentation, and the patient wanting to better understand his disease.

"Rapid and easy access to images in the biomedical literature should help scientists and others more quickly identify content of interest," said NCBI Director David Lipman, M.D. "We believe that the new database will be useful for the discovery process, as well as for educational and professional purposes."

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