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More on voters' thoughts on health care

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Last week, I discussed whether health care influenced people's voting decisions. Now, NPR's Shots is reporting on a Kaiser Family Foundation poll (.pdf) showing that the issue played only a "bit role:"

[The] poll conducted right after Election Day, found health care wasn't even close to the top of the list of things that influenced people's votes.

The crummy economy, including high unemployment, was the biggest issue, mentioned as the first or second most important factor by 29 percent of voters who talked with the Kaiser pollsters...

Put together health overhaul, Medicare and health care generally, and the whole ball of wax ranked as a top issue with 17 percent of voters.

On its website, the foundation also breaks down voters' thoughts on the new health law:

Looking ahead, Americans remain divided about what lawmakers should do, with 21 percent of the public favoring expansion of the health reform law, 19 percent wanting to leave it as is, a quarter wanting to repeal parts of the law, and 24 percent wanting the entire law repealed. Among mid-term voters, a majority (56%) would like to see the law repealed entirely or in part. Voters split sharply along partisan lines...

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