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Veteran blogger offers tips for starting a science blog

If you're a researcher considering launching your own science blog, here's a useful resource on how to get started from well-known blogger Scicurious. Scicurious (a pseudonym) is a postdoctoral researcher and former member of ScienceBlogs. She now blogs at Neurotic Physiology.

Her first tip for new bloggers is one that many overlook:

Establish what you want to accomplish. Who is this blog FOR? Are you trying to reach younger kids and families with basic science and nature outreach? Are you reaching for other scientists in your field to discuss findings? Are you trying to communicate with adults to make science interesting for those with little science background? Are you looking to discuss ideas? Ethics? Life in science? Major advancements in your field? While you may end up doing one, more, or all of these things (and much more than that!), it might be good for you to think about what niche your blog should fill, the audience you primarily want to communicate with, and what that will mean in terms of the types of things you write.

The full post with worth a read and includes information about determining the tone of your blog and promoting it online.

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